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The Operation of Vacation Properties Was Not Considered a Rental Activity by the IRS Who Is the Customer When Properties are Rented? Background As an affiliate member of the Suburban West Realtors® Association, we see various taxpayer arguments in our Exton PA office to maximize tax deductions in...
As we continue to endure the health and financial ravages of the corona virus, unfortunately more bad news is likely on the horizon.  Currently, there are 15 million taxpayers in IRS collections. IRS estimates that 7 million taxpayers are not filing their tax returns. Many tax professionals are p...
Unemployment Benefits - Taxable Income or Non-taxable? Does It Make a Difference if Benefits Were Federal or State? Background Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of taxpayers who lost their jobs, had their hours reduced, or were self-employed and had their revenues decline received unemployme...
Where Is My 2019 Tax Refund? Is There a Problem? Perhaps You Filed Your Return in April, May or June, and You Still Have Not Received Your Refund. You are Understandably Eager for Details When You Will Receive It Key Facts to Better Understand the Refund ProcessThe IRS reminds taxpayers in its IR...
You Have Been Planning for Years to Live the Life of Leisure in Retirement - Only to Find Those Dreams Needlessly Dashed in a Microsecond Another Sad Story of Taxpayer Not Engaging an Experienced Tax Professional Background You are a successful self-employed business person. You have done fairly ...
Taxpayers have until July 15, 2020 to file their 2019 tax returns without incurring a late filing penalty for late remittance.  In addition, they have until July 15 to pay any 2019 income tax balance due the IRS without incurring an interest assessment and a late payment penalty.  All good news? ...
Form I-9 Revised – What You Need to Do A New Version of Form I-9 is Available – Employers Need to Use This Form When Hiring New Employees   What is Form I-9? Federal law requires that every employer who recruits, refers for a fee, or hires an individual for employment in the U.S. MUST COMPLETE Fo...
 Realtors Take Note:Schedule C Filers Are the Most Audited Entity by the IRS Denied trade or business deductions tops the list of disputed items taxpayers have with the IRS per the IRS National Taxpayer Advocate 2019 Annual Report to Congress.Related to the denial of business deductions for self-...
Why Does It Take the IRS So Long to Issue Your Tax Refund?  Is “Filter X: to Blame?  Background Perhaps you are one of the many taxpayers who are concerned that your refund took forever to be processed by the IRS. Your tax professional instructed you to check the IRS’s website Check My Refund Sta...
Frank Haarlander, CPA, MS-Tax, MBA, will speak at the Pennsylvania Society of Tax and Accounting Professionals (PSTAP) annual Tax Potpourri seminar to be held on February 3, 2020 at the Springfield Country Club located in Springfield, PA. The presentation will be to share best practices when comp...

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