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Making the Most of Today's Market   Risk is Relative to the the Gain Reaped. Think about that for a minute.   We frequently take a risk for a probable gain.   Asking a girl out is always a risk of rejection but the hope of a great time or more.    Taking the job you had came with the risk of a cr...
The question of the day!!  After two days of "smashing" Wall Street loses, I have heard questions from friends and clients alike about what to do now that the "world is collapsing". Any one remember Moses' line in the movie "Ten Commandments" when he finds out that he is viewed different now that...
You have to read this blog!!  The title, What's Hot Hot Hot.., may grab your attention for a moment.  But the message is better.  Always good to read a perspective on what is Hot and what is not!!!
Marte really hit a home run with these thoughts....get the word out about your business or even your interest in underwater basket weaving or whatever the hobby!!! Go out there and get the exposure you deserve!!Getting out in the community and being seen is a good way to meet more people and gath...
From another perspective...a summary of broad trends in the market!!!! Keeping you updated on the market! For the week of July 4, 2011 MARKET RECAP Are we looking at the making of a new trend? Last week, the FHFA home price index posted a modest gain. This week, the Standard & Poor's/Case-Shille...
                                                          Another great update from Jim Belote!!  You have to read to the end.  As he states so well, the fear of today is ridiculous.  In three to five years, buyers are going to be doing hand springs for buying a house at this time with these rate...
More often than not, we all love to play "Monday Morning Quarterback".  We love to rehash the plays that failed and those that were are highest moments of success. And the Real Estate Market faces the same dilemna day in and day out.  When the market was crazy in 2004/2005, buyers and sellers saw...
5 Reasons You Should Consider Selling Now by THE KCM CREW on MAY 10, 2011 · 12 COMMENTS in FOR SELLERS,PRICING 1510Share inShare If you plan on moving anytime in 2011, you should strongly consider selling your house now rather than waiting. Here are five reasons why: 1.) This is when your house ...
Have you been hearing this question in the Media a lot lately?  It seems in every publication in the past 4 months that there has been an article questioning the "sense of home ownership". Yet, almost without fail, these articles are missing the point about home ownership.  Though it has(and I be...
Regardless of the field of knowledge, we always look to an expert to provide us the advice and direction to be successful.  Just look at how many of us watch HGTV, Doctor Oz and go to Personal Trainers besides seeking the best lawyers, doctors and dentists that we can find. In the same way, in bu...


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