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The Department of Veterans Affairs has posted the VA loan guaranty limits for 2013 on the VA official site. We’ve covered this topic in the past, but some borrowers have questions about end-of-year transactions and whether the old VA loan limits for the previous year affect loans that were initia...
Current VA loan rules specify minimum periods of military service to establish eligibility for the VA loan benefit. At the time of this writing, active duty military members serving today must serve for “90 continuous days” before they can apply for a certificate of eligibility. Gulf War veterans...
In our last blog post we addressed some common issues typical of VA joint loans. Another common question about these VA loans involves how much the VA is willing to guaranty the loan for in situations where a veteran applies for a VA mortgage with a non-veteran. VA loan rules, as found in VA Pamp...
We get plenty of reader questions about VA loans. One common source of confusion over the VA loan benefit involves situations where an eligible veteran wants to apply for a loan with another veteran or a non-veteran who is not eligible for a VA loan. What do VA loan rules say about these situatio...
When applying for VA guaranteed home loans, there are two places many look to start the process moving on VA home loan benefits. One is the local office of the Department of Veterans Affairs, another is the VA Regional Loan Center with jurisdiction over that area. In several reader questions and ...
We wish you a fun, safe, and happy holiday season. Today we pause from our usual discussions of all things VA loans-related to enjoy the company of friends and family. We want to say a quick word of thanks to all who serve, especially those who cannot be home for the holidays. There are many stat...
A reader asks, "I bought my first home on a VA loan in 1962.  I lived there for about 1 1/2 years, and was transferred to another location 90 miles away. My company handled the transfer and I acquired a new loan in the new city. I currently live in Sarasota,FL. and would love to refinance my curr...
If you are interested in a VA home loan for a condominium unit, there are a few simple rules you should know about--rules that make house hunting for a condo a bit more complicated than for those trying to buy a suburban home. These rules are not terribly complex, but they do affect your search f...
A reader asks, “Hi, I am having a loan reviewed now. I have been at my current job for 1 year and 5 months and before that I was working a part-time job and a VA work study. Will this hurt my chances of obtaining a loan?” VA loans require the lender to verify a minimum of two years worth of emplo...
There is a refinancing option for VA borrowers who already have VA mortgages and want to get into a lower monthly payment or interest rate. The VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan or IRRRL is designed to help borrowers refinance existing VA loans. These loans can be fixed-rate, adjustable...

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