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The Weston, Florida housing market is literally on fire again thanks in part to the a high employment status, low crime levels, and spectacular public schools.  Weston is by far the cream of Broward County's real estate market and the premiere destination for those moving to the area. Last night ...
The Pembroke Pines, Florida housing market is making a comeback.  As Broward County's second largest city in population, Pembroke Pines is experiencing somewhat of a real estate revival.  With a population of over 150,000, Pembroke Pines only has 200 active listings of single family homes for sal...
How to clean hard water stains from your tub. Sounds a little pathetic in terms of all the bigger problems that lie with selling a home. But, for all intents and purposes a black tub is a pretty big turn off for a buyer. So here is my solution for getting your tub bright white again, and it's not...
What are the best real estate movies ever made? It's easy to make a horror movie based solely on one realtors' life experiences in the business. I'm sure we have them all. But here is a list of Hollywood's best. Take a moment to browse through the list and comment on whether or not you agree or i...
So your appraiser screwed you on your latest real estate transaction? What next? Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in the industry, especially now that the housing market is making a comeback. Prices are all over the place and comparables are few and far between. I just lost a sizable deal on a...
Realtors beware of America's newest scam. Apparently realtors seem to fall for almost anything these days. It is up to you to make yourself aware of what is real and ridiculous over the internet and the emails you receive. The latest comes from Ohio where a website posts false complaints about re...
Real Estate in South Florida is not dead!  Actually, it is alive and kicking big time right now.  I have spent the last five days on the streets of Broward County previewing homes ranging from $300K to $400K and have confirmed that my previous notion that the area is quickly becoming a seller's m...

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