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What to do in the event of a bidding war on a home you so desperately want to purchase? Usually this only happens in a good housing market, but on occasion certain cities or neighborhoods will feel the crunch if there is no inventory. If you live in South Florida this is a non-issue at the moment...
What makes a property manager and good one?  I am sure many of you have not even thought of that when hiring one.  You simply see someone advertising his or her services and give them a shot only to find out later that they charge to much or are embezzeling from you. The one thing that should be ...
If realtors are indeed their own worst enemy it is because we have been trained to be. Think about that for a moment and let it digest. According to Allan Dalton, former CEO of and currently CEO of RisMedia, it all starts with the National Association of Realtors and works its way dow...
As of today Weston Florida has a grand total of only 18 listed short sales and 4 listed REOs.  The short sales range from $240K to $500K.  Ironically, the REOs closely resemble those with a range of $257,500. to $484,900.  This is a very good indication of how well home sales are going in Weston....
Weston Florida homes for sale as of today tally 172 total, not including short sales or foreclosures.  This gives you a very good indication of how well the market is doing in Weston.  Total inventory is at its lowest in years and demand is just as high as it has ever been.  Prices range from $22...
Social media in real estate advertising works. I am not ashamed to say that when interviewing for a property listing and I am asked about my sources of advertising I am not against highlighting social media and downplaying print.  Although I include because that is what the public wants to hear, ...

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