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My checklist for my homesellers starts way back to when they actually bought the home, not at the listing, or what I like to call it, marketing appointment. Too many agents simply ignore the little things it takes to close a property and wait till the last minute or for a phone call from the titl...
In the pursuit of a perfect, utopian society America's builders came up with an idea for the homeowner's association, or HOA as we know it. Once a blip on the real estate landscape, it's almost impossible to find a community without one. In South Florida they dot the landscape like sunflowers in ...
If nothing else catches your attention during the London Olympic Games besides the opening ceremonies, allow the Bob Costas memorial minute of silence on Fox News prior to this endear your heart to what could have been for 11 Israeli athletes murdered by the PLO's Black September in the 1972 Muni...
If the answer is never something is wrong with the process in which consumers do business. How many times have you read where a scammer posed as a real estate agent and totally ripped off a customer? These days it is happening more often because of the economy and the fact that there are unscrupu...
By now it's probably safe to assume that in South Florida just about everyone knows someone who has been duped in a Ponzi scheme. This story is no different. How people allow themselves to be taken by some low life grifter is beyond me. When I write a contract my customers run me through the ring...
My guess is very few realtors use Yelp! But I am going to outline the reasons one by one why every realtor should be using the site. First, however, I was recently interviewed because of my Yelp! account and featured in a realtor magazine. The reporter asked me why it was so important for my busi...
I can't think of one good thing about a 55+ community if you are an investor. The odds are so stacked against you making any money that you really don't have much of a chance from the start, even if you got the greatest deal in the world. Here are the problems associated with them from an investo...
Is buying new construction housing really a better deal than a re-sale? Depends on who you ask and probably the buyer's circumstances. I recently checked some comps on a townhouse that was built three years ago and sold for $209K. I own a unit across the street built by the same builder five year...

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