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Miami Beach's condo market, and Miami in general for that matter, is not looking so good.  That may depend on who you ask, but strictly from a numbers standpoint supply is beginning to outstript demand.  I realize some may lead you to believe that sale prices are still the same.  In fact, most ar...
Lincoln Road Miami causing it's own demise.Lincoln Road on Miami Beach has long been known as a wonderful closed outdoor street to stroll, shop, and eat.  But like everything else in real estate life it got way too popular.  So, out with the old and in with the new retailers by way of raised rent...
Should board certified classess be offered in other languages?  Just this month alone I have received notices for six classes being offered by my board in Spanish.  Are they going to start offering classes in other languages eventually as well?  And how does this encourage a realtor new to the bu...
Miami is ripe for a riot.I don't say this lightly either.  But in light of recent riots around the country and the slow pushing out of Blacks in the inner city by greedy developers can only lead to one thing.  However, riots need a trigger and it's just a matter of time before some racist, corrup...
Could you live in a tiny house?  I know I could.  And judging by the price of housing today and in America's  major cities I think a lot of others may be willing to settle.  A tiny house in San Francisco just recently sold for$400K. That has to tell you something about the state of housing there....
The city of Miami claims it wants to be an international city. That probably explains the reason for all of the building downtown and remodeling on the beach.  It may even explain all of the festivals.  But in order to be a truly international city you need the best public transporation possible,...
My week in Montreal in a nutshell.  I absolutely love it too.  What a wonderful place to take a vacation.1. Men carry a murse. That would never happen in the US.2. Cops are in incredibly good shape, unlike ours.  And handsome too.  There must be some kind of prerequisite for entrance here.  3. Ev...
Everyone wants to move to Florida, especially Miami, because of the weather.  I get it.  I can see how one would get sick of the extreme cold up north, but remember that what you have in extreme cold up there we have in extreme heat down here.  And it's about to get worse.  Climate change is not ...
I thought for a while there that we as a people have turned a corner in this country and have become more accepting and tolerant of others.  But I guess I was wrong.  I am troubled by what I see now on the news almost every day.  If someone isn't killing a black man then they are killing a blue m...
Make the time to use social media.  It's easy and free.  Yes, there are some parts of social media sites that you may have to pay for, but for the most part you do not need them anyway.  As a realtor there is no reason not to because everyone else is, especially millennials.  From what I can tell...

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