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To yield the most out of your land, you have to be creative. Don’t solely rely on the same old strategies repeatedly used by land sellers. Getting a skilled and intelligent realtor is where it all starts. Familiarize yourself with your target audience, researching their interests and preferences....
Moving out of state can be a life-altering change for yourself and your family. When you do decide to hit the road and make for another state, one of the most critical things to consider is whether or not to sell your current home or rent it out. Another factor you must consider is how much it co...
Nothing quite makes a new house your home quite like a personalized renovation. And nothing adds value to a home quite like it either. Whether it’s a do-it-yourself project, a professional upgrade, or some combination of the two, a good home renovation can reap significant rewards through a retur...
First thing first: There’s no one right or wrong way to sell a home.Selling a home can be exciting and challenging, and success depends on an array of factors. Some are controllable, like a home’s value and upkeep. Some are not, such as a volatile real estate market or an ineffective agent. As al...
It's no secret that the real estate industry is known for adapting slowly to technology. New advancements in technology, such as e-signing documents, took years to finally be considered ‘the norm’. Our industry has painted a giant target on its back and is prime for disruption. Technological inno...
Whether you find yourself in a large metropolitan area, or a small town, each area comes with different perks for house flippers. The connections that you can make in larger cities can come back in droves of value. In a city like Philadelphia, there is no shortage of real estate meetups. Not to m...

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