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Everyone will remember where they were and what they were doing.... When they heard the GREAT news that Osama Bin Laden is Dead. This will go down like 9/11. I know where I was then, and where I was when I heard that this Piece of Shit was dead. To all those currently serving and those her served...
Homes destroyed, lives changed forever, Their world will never be the same. Tornado's wiped out whole towns. Amazing how things can change in a matter of minutes. May God Bless you all.  
Your only Remembered for Two Generations..... When you Die, you are only remembered by your kids and your grand kids. After that who will know you? Have you ever thought of Developing a Subdivision, Putting in a New Road, or Building a New Building/Shopping Center and Naming it after yourself? Ge...
Web Site is Up, Welcome to 2011... It only took me 8 years to get it up and running. It took an e-PRO class to motivate me. Since then, I have been on fire. If your like me, I mean I was, over 40 and still doing Real Estate the old fashion way, Google search, Amy Chorew ,and have your locale Boar...
We had Two REALTORS going around getting people to sign their homes over to an investment company that they owned. They would tell customers, "If they signed their homes over they would get with the lender and STOP the foreclosure." They could sell the home and help the Homeowner. Turns out they ...
Move over Vanilla.... After reading all the Blogs about home staging,and following Kristine Ginsberg blog, I finally broke down and used one. I must say, Good bye Plain Vanilla, What a difference. You need a house to say WOW, find a home stagger. I know most REALTORS are probably like me,"Tighter...
Why Don't We Raise Gas Prices And Have The IRS Audit Everyone... Hell that is just what America needs. Lets see; High Unemployment............Check High Taxes........................Check Class Warfare....................Check 1000's Homeless...............Check Raise Food Prices...............Ch...
Since finding Active Rain, I find I'm spending more time reading other Real Estate Professionals Blogs. And Leaving Blogs of my own. I've been spending more time on Active Rain and Spending less time on Facebook. Can that be? Active Rain is my new Facebook, Is anyone else hooked like a big fish t...
Attention Buyers, Who's Looking out for You? If your a Buyer, looking to buy a Home Anywhere in the United States or Canada, Contact Me NOW. Don't leave Home Buying to Chance. Your home will probably be the biggest purchase you make in your life. Don't you want an experienced Agent to represent y...
Is your Will up to Date? I have an Agent dealing with an out of state seller. He is handling the estate of his wife's ex-husband. Wife ex-husband you ask. When the wife and her husband divorced, the husband made a Will, leaving everything to his kids. His business, house, land, everything. Two ye...


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