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In Orange County, California, we have a fancy legal term for evictions:  Unlawful detainers.    And now they’ve gone electronic!    But not all electronic filings are created equal.   Unlike regular civil cases, evictions are given priority in the court system.    If all goes well, a property own...
It’s a startling question from an Orange County Realtor.    It’s something you’d expect a home stager to ask, right?    Um, not really.   But in today’s market, it may be a clever question.  The affordability index is its lowest in the history of America.    It’s indisputably an extraordinary tim...
A cancer survivor with four school age children saves her Southern California home with little time to spare. This story may sound unique and amazing, but many like it play out across America.  Kenny Cassuto, an Orange County process server who works for an attorney service company on the ground ...
LENNAR'S RIDGE IN ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA IS A HIP AND HAPPENING PLACE FOR MULTI-GENERATIONS. It’s rumored that Tom Cruise has a snoratorium, a comfy self-contained room to shield Katie from his insufferable snoring—as if some are more sufferable than others.  Or maybe a correlation exists betw...
Lenders are notorious for foot-dragging shorts sales in Orange County, California, but new rules are emerging to shorten and simplify the short sale process. As of April, 2012, however, these new federal rules shorten the time to process short sales: 1. Lenders must act within 30 days;   2. Lende...
Orange County Attorney/Broker Reveals Top 3 Community Property Issues Divorcing Couples Face in California   I provide a service you rarely find.   I’m a uniquely qualified divorce Realtor.*   I handle divorce property or community property, as it's commonly known.   I’m an Attorney/Broker—a form...
Lennar Homes is one of Orange County's premier home builders, but it had a mystery that went beep in the night.   The mystery was so irritating; it can only be described with a beeping expletive.   Not long ago, I represented a client in the purchase of a Lennar Home.  I’ve sold Lennar before and...
My friend is Dr. Seuss.   He’s my guide.   He’s my muse.   I like him when things seem obtuse.  When life tastes tart, the good doctor was smart.     His answers were simple, rare as a dimple.  I like him when I’m blue.   I like him when I have the flu.    He says things, all so true; he helps wh...
Why did the chicken cross the ocean? He was glued to the Realtor whose buyers are abroad! I indeed have a new client across the ocean, and the time difference means I work night hours while Asian investors are enjoying breakfast.   But I'm  happy to do it! The sale of Orange County's income prope...
Once we take a listing, we are duty bound to put forth our best efforts.   (See, Realtor manual, Page One).    In our attempt to gain the listing, we try to impress the seller with our listing presentation.  (See, Realtor manual, Page Two). Even my pet rock knows the basics.   So why read on?    ...

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