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Every member of ActiveRain needs to set up an Automatic Alert!  This feature is potentially one of the most important features ever released on AR. The Referral Network Automatic Alerts represents that finishing step that gives the Referral Network the ability to become useful on a widescale basi...
I was reading the Seattle Times this evening and I came across an article about the 520 Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. If you live in this area then you know how important the 520 Bridge is for the daily commute. The Bridge is one of two that span Lake Washington connecting Seattle to the vibra...
One of my guilty pleasure's is watching Dateline's: To Catch a Predator. For me it's two fold. I love that the spotlight is being shown on such a disgusting aspect of the internet. These perverts need to be exposed and I'm so glad some of our local officials have made it a felony in some areas. T...
I think everyone would agree, there are different quality of leads. Someone from your sphere of influence is certainly a better potential lead than the guy behind the counter at the tire shop that you handed your business card to as part of your attempt to pass out as many cards a day as you can....
This may end up being a little long, but I'm writing this for me.......not necessarily for you.......I have never really went back and tried to recall how I felt that day. I don't know that I ever wanted to recall it. I have avoided the TV today. But alas the ActiveRain community has shared some ...
My favorite time of year is here. For me there is nothing quite so refreshing as the crisp smell of the air in fall (visit Seattle in October if you have never smelled crisp air). The smell of peanuts and stale beer in the parking lot somehow gets my mouth to water when any other time of year it ...
I was reading Nima's post about thank you cards and it got me thinking. Jonathan Washburn and I were talking one day about effective ways to thank a customer and market to them at the same time. We started kicking around the idea of gift cards. Now someone let me know if someone is doing this, be...
I am glad that ActiveRain made the first post about our integration with the ActiveRain network. When we first approached them about integrating our Brio Home Search with the site I wasn't exactly sure of the terminology and how they would apply it to make things work. Luckily for us, Matt and th...
I see so many people that do not have an ability to follow a lead from beginning to end. If you can identify a potential buyer early in the process you have given yourself a leg up on the competition. If, however, you can't follow that person until they are ready to buy, what good was it to ident...

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