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I have to admit that when I think “Savannah” and “green”, St. Patrick’s Day is the first thought in my head. I can’t help it. I like a good party. But have no fear. I have started this blog as a resource for YOU! I am sharing my journey through this journal. Savannah needs a consolidated resource so that people can stay updated on what resources are at their fingertips. Fortunately, with the progress of technology and science, it is getting easier and easier to make green choices, but people have to know about them.
One Saturday Morning. That is all it took to save the whole Earth. Okay, it wasn't that simple, but I really enjoyed participating in Savannah's Earth Day Festival 2008. So many people were there to give a little back. The cool thing is that all of our "little" giving, ended up with huge results....
So, guess what I have been consciously attempting to do....eliminate plastic bags from my life. I received as a gift a re-usable eco-bag to be used instead of plastic grocery bags (which are derived from fossil fuels). Here's the catch though- I ALWAYS FORGET IT! At home or in the car, I can't se...
While filling my tank the other day, I noticed a little message stuck to the pump... The message indicated that the gasoline may be mixed with Ethanol up to 10 percent. So the positives about this change would be that the ethanol is derived from corn instead of a fossil fuel, the change is forcin...
Anyone that has "Googled" anything today may have noticed that their page went black. This is an effort to remind everyone that cities around the world from Copenhagen to Melbourne and everywhere in between will be hosting a volunteer blackout to show their support for energy conservation. What a...
Well, it's March. March is a triple important month for me. I am an EcoBroker- a "Green" Realtor, it is my birthday, and I am Irish, so St. Patty's is alway important- compounded by the fact that I live in Savannah where the festivities are disproportionate to our poplulation when you look at New...
    Well, enough for my hiatus from blogging. I would like to share a tale of woe involving my mother-in-law. Before you sign, please realize that my mother-in-law and I get along great, so it's not a typical "mother-in-law" story. As an early birthday present, my mother-in-law bought me a cashme...
This holiday season, I would like to wage a war against idle current. More than just a lazy grape or cool band name, Idle Current is the fancy term for what happens when your electronics are supposed to be off but they are busy sapping electric from your wall, wasting energy and your cash. Take f...
Okay, you caught me. I watch NBC's Thursday night line up. Other than that, I was pretty oblivious to NBC's "Green is Universal" promotion that they have had going this week . So they changed the colors of the peacock to all green. And they are peppering in phrases like "carbon footprint" and "fe...
Well, it's time to figure out where to place our last dimes before the year ends. If you find yourself with a few coins hanging around, you might want to consider the tax breaks associated with Energy Star products. For a clear chart about how much you can save, click on
Well, I seem to have struck a nerve with my last posting. Continuing on, let me state that I have no intention of going "off the grid" unless I can do so with basic comfort. Apparently coal factories supply us with electricity, so it is really going to be hard for me to boycott a coal factory fro...


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Six months ago, I didn’t know anything about how our homes impact our environment. Let me clarify. Tree-hugger. Hippie. Dirt Worshipper. Nope. Never been called any of those. I don’t even see the environment as a political issue. My thought is that if it was easy and cheap, everyone would be on board with saving the planet from human impact. So my goal is to create a forum where I post what I learn, making it easy for you to learn from my blog. Think global. Act local. Let me show you how.