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You know, the media isnt reporting everything!  The market is going strong.  In Middlesex Boro NJ back in 05' when the market was still white hot, the average amount of homes on the market in any given month was between 20-30 homes available.  The average sales each month would be 5-8 homes sold....
Hello!Well the Spring market is just about here and activity is picking up.  With interest rates in this area holding at about 6.33%.   We might not be in the sizzling market of a couple of years ago but investors are still gaining returns.  They are still buying up properties in disrepair and fi...
Well hello everyone!  Ok, its official.  The buyers and the sellers are starting to show themselves.  Buyers know that interest rates are great and there is a good number of properties out there for them to choose from.   Sellers know that the spring market is here, not in a month, not in two mon...
The more people I talk to the more the message is clear.  Most people are looking to wait until spring to put their home on the market.  I think that if everyone who says they are going to wait until spring actualy does, the market is going to be flooded and they will have to be more competitive ...
As I wrote in my last blog, Active Rain is a great place to network your business.  I'm currently looking for a "club" in New Jersey to do some futher networking.  If anyone knows of a good Networking club in NJ that is not too expensive, please contact me. Thanks! Brian Platten
Hello Everyone.  I just wanted to take some time to say just how great Active Rain is to establish and increase a network of contacts in the local area.  I truely think this is one of the best sites out there.  I am always looking to expand my network of contacts.  Please contact me!!!! 
Everywhere I look in the media they are talking about how bad the market is doing.  I think the market is doing great.  I have never been more busy!  Interest rates are still very low and sellers are still getting top dollar for their homes.  Granted, the market is not where it was a year or so a...

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