You're Kidding Me Fannie... Fannie Mae has raised her loan surcharges for fees that are inherent in any conventional loan for the fourth time since April of 2008. These Loan Level Price Adjustments (LLPAs) are assessed based upon certain eligibility or other loan features, such as credit score, l...
I am loving the new RESPA limitations! I never agreed with the squeeze that was put on buyers to use the builder's title company, the builder's mortgage company, and any other builder affiliated settlement service providers. It just completely dismisses competition and turns its back on the free ...
Amidst all the gloom and doom of the housing market, here I am, busier than I was in the boom between 2004 and 2006! And no, the stack of applications on my desk is not all re-fi paperwork! Actually, less than 8% of my files are requests for refinancing, the rest are mortgages...home buyers who a...
This post is a follow-up to my previous one about the stress of staking your whole world on one shiny, hand-held device. The same thing that makes technology extraordinary makes it an incredible liability. So I likened myself to Icarus who flew too close to the sun on wings of wax and plummeted i...
The role of the FHA has expanded in today's real estate market. They have not only made a comeback, they have recently eased their requirements. Suffice to say; although there are still certain required repairs/conditions, the FHA is not as "nit-picky" as it used to be! So - the lender is selecte...
Hi, my name is Brian and I am a personal development junkie. In all sincerity, I really strive to improve myself both as a person and as a businessman. Fortunately, there are all manner of sources that have created businesses predicated on just this need. They range from the ilk of Chris Farley's...
My affinity for technology is well known; it is the subject of at least one blog post a month! I read about it, I buy it, I incorporate it into my business, and I rave about how my productivity and success increases because of it. But did I get greedy? Have I become so totally reliant on technolo...
I think most of you realize by now that I have a strong enthusiasm for technology. Not necessarily just for technologies sake, but specifically to learn and acquire innovations that make my life easier and my business flow smoother.  I am always on the lookout and I love to share ones I've found ...
Well, "learn we did" as Yoda would say.  Regarding property taxes, here is a cautionary tale about the drama that can be created depending on who owns the home as of January 1st. This client purchased a bank owned property in March. The property taxes had been homesteaded by the former owner. The...
I should have called this post:  "Contrary to Popular Belief!" Historically, bad news is more interesting; but it does tend to engulf and swallow up the legitimate, good news. And by the way, I have some! We had 7 closings over the past 15 days! Yes, we did! Some deals were more challenging than ...

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