It's sort of a love/hate thing with mortgages in Tampa Bay. The hate part is because it can be tough on people who don't listen to their mortgage banker; rugs get pulled out from under all the time when you're not forthcoming about your credit history. But ya gotta love it when all the china mana...
I am fond of saying that as mortgage bankers in Tampa Bay we make mortgages, and that doesn't necessarily mean we make sense. I serve as an intermediary between the home buyer and underwriters who hold the keys to the kingdom. Believe me, I know what they are looking for and I know how to be proa...
It's great when the concept you're trying to get across is seconded by the Wall Street Journal; if for no other reason than they have a slightly larger audience than I do! (I have been gaining on them steadily though for some time!) As my regular readers know, I am not a fan of the drama that get...
Not since the mortgage industry got shaken up with the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) that changed the way appraisals were conducted has there been such a spectacle. The headline act of the latest Barnum and Bailey sideshow is the flawed foreclosure paperwork now plaguing the real estate w...
Let's just get a hold of ourselves! Haven't we been through several foreclosure moratoriums over the past few years? We've done this before...déjà vu all over again and all that sort of stuff. Why are we wigging out? While I'm glad that the media hysteria has finally died down to a dull roar, the...

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