No interest mortgages...hmmm...they can't work and they shouldn't work. I loved a recent Wall Street Journal article that speculated on the possibility (and the impact) of such an opportunity. Guess it may be intriguing to think about, (hey, I'd like to be 6'10" and play center for the Lakers), b...
One of my favorite quotes is attributed to a Scottish literary critic named Andrew Lang. Although he probably wrote it in the late 1800's it is still very relevant: "He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts...for support rather than illumination." As a Florida mortgage lender and a pro...
Talking heads, the media...whatever you call them, they're just not the experts in the real estate industry. They simply continue to dump information onto Twitter, blogs, and in their broadcasts with flashy statistics and bone chilling predications. It makes for news-worthy news I guess, but then...
The art of the deal and the completion of mortgage loans in Tampa have been plagued by hiccups for what seems like decades now. Does anyone really remember a simpler time when homes were bought and sold with gleeful ease? Even the seemingly almighty loan pre-approvals appear suspect these days. A...
To all you Realtors out there...I do have a really good idea about the stuff that gets dumped on you. While we're in the business of satisfying buyers' and sellers' goals, real estate agents in Florida are in the thick of the machinations of many different processes from loan officers to the term...
Despite the recent surge of digital domination, it's still a world mad with paper. And even though a mortgage loan client provides the proof positive paperwork requested by this Florida mortgage banker, it sometimes generates the need for paperwork to support the paperwork.  Sounds crazy...but it...

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