I facilitate mortgage loans. It's what I know. If someone asked me how to sweat a copper pipe, I wouldn't be quick to give them the step by step break down. And that is simply because I am not 100% sure of what I am talking about. Which brings me to my point... If you don't know what is going on ...
While caveat emptor is the property law doctrine that governs real estate sales, buyers of real estate best be warned about how they represent themselves lest they be on the accusation end of occupancy fraud.   Like a forensic team closing in on a homicide suspect, underwriters can smell a proper...
Just another cautionary tale in a sea of industry constraints: keep the personal property out of the sales agreement. While pool equipment and flat screens and brand new hot tubs typically sweeten the offer, they can neither: Be described in the public remarks about the property in: MLS, Realtor....
When you've been in the mortgage industry long enough, you may think you've seen everything; but alas, you still haven't. One of our recent mortgage loans was for a newly married couple who decided to use their cash wedding gifts toward the down payment of their first home. It sounded like a grea...
Whether you're a mortgage broker in Tampa, or a Realtor anywhere, you're probably complaining about something. The world in which we live is in constant flux and the thing that you didn't need yesterday to get the deal done, you sure as heck need today. Navigating clients from offer to closing ha...
For anyone buying real estate, it's pretty obvious that you need to prove to mortgage lenders that you have a good credit score and are responsible. But many myths persistent about what is good and what is bad for your credit. To that end, here are some ugly credit history truths that are commonl...

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