Just another heads up to all you Realtors out there...the current flood insurance program is set to expire (again!) on May 31st . And of course because that is a holiday you need to make sure you've got the flood coverage nailed down by this Friday, May 28th. If you recall, the last time (when it...
In other adventures in lending, I had a client who told me she wanted to buy a home because she was getting divorced. Not that she didn't seem like a really nice woman and not that I wasn't compassionate for her situation, but there were no divorce papers filed and no lawyers involved. To an unde...
In both the mortgage and real estate industries we've gone beyond the "It is on the Internet, so it must be true." to "How did they just spin that?" Really smart and really successful Steve Harney (negotiation expert and leadership trainer for real estate professionals), recently crystallized my ...
I've ranted before about the challenges real estate industry insiders are having trying to keep up with flurry of legislative changes and most recently with the new and improved HUD. For example, in 2009 what were commonly referred to as add-on or transaction fees charged by a real estate brokera...
I don't know everything, but because I have logged probably thousands of hours working with underwriters I can safely say I know more about their requirements to approve a home mortgage loan than the average borrower. And it is pretty rare that a borrower decides they should challenge that expert...

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