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Commercial Bond Yields CMB 5 Year - 0.71%* CANHOU 06/15/26 [-0.02]   ‌ 10 Year - 1.14% CANHOU 03/15/31 [-0.01]   * denotes interpolated rate GoC 5 Year - 0.42% CAN 0.50 09/01/25 [-0.01]   ‌ 10 Year - 0.71% CAN 1.25 06/01/30 [-0.01]   ‌ 15 Year - 0.94%* CAN 12/01/35 [-0.01]   ‌ 20 Year - 1.09* CA...
What Happened to Caveat Emptor? What Happened to Caveat Emptor? For centuries, real estate transactions have been sold under the caveat emptor doctrine, that is: “Let the Buyer Beware”. More recently, this was upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada in Fraser-Reid v. Droumsekas (1981). However, it’...
Supreme Court Expands Upon Bhasin v. HrynewThe Supreme Court of Canada has had an opportunity to add to its decision in Bhasin v. Hrynew. A breach of the duty of honesty in contractual agreements may involve both: direct action, and/or C.M. Callow was a property maintenance company which had two ...
  Right to Withdraw Offer if Multiples Multiple Offers in the current real estate market are extremely common. Not every Buyer wants to participate. What it really means is that in order for your Offer to be selected you likely had to have a firm Offer. That meant “no conditions”. So, financing a...
Avoid Having the Seller become a Tenant by AccidentThis is a potential problem which arises frequently. The Seller needs a little longer to stay in the house before they can move on. The Buyer wants to close but, actually, they don’t need to move in right away. They may be planning extensive reno...
Vacancy on the “Day” of Closing Vacancy on the “Day” of Closing The Buyer says at 3:00 pm to the Seller: “you have to be out, this deal closed at 2:00 pm”. The Seller replies: “I know that, but I still have until 6:00 pm”. There are two arguments here which involve the interpretation of the words...

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