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Don’t Take on Multiple Representation if there’s a CONFLICT (Ontario)Question:In the clause from Form 200 regarding the possibility of multiple representation; it states: "The Listing brokerage shall have a duty of full disclosure to both the seller and the buyer, including a requirement to discl...
Bhasin v. Hrynew Revisited It’s now been over four years since the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in Bhasin v. Hrynew(13 November 2014). Basically, it’s been cited in close to 500 reported cases and literally thousands of unreported cases. The Decision The case stands for the follo...
HIGH RATIO fixed term best discounted rates & posted rates as of January 22, 2019 Terms                           Posted Rates              Preferred Rates6 mos                          3.34%                          3.30%1 year                          3.59%                          3.19%2 year ...
Term Posted Rate Preferred Rate Open 1 Year 6.30% 6.30% Fixed 1 Year 3.59% 3.19% Fixed 2 Year 3.74% 3.19% Fixed 3 Year 3.89% 3.39% Fixed 4 Year 3.94% 3.64% Fixed 5 Year 5.59% 3.49% Fixed 7 Year 5.80% 3.69% Fixed 10 Year 6.10% 3.89% Variable 2.90% Prime 3.95% Benchmark 5.34%
Assignment Clause (Ontario)Question:In regards to the assignment clause below, would this clause be added to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale between the assignor and the assignee?The Buyer acknowledges that the Seller has purchased the property by way of a prior accepted Agreement of Purchase ...
Understanding Exclusive Use in Condominiums (Ontario)Question:I am having difficulty understanding “exclusive use”:" One or more owners may have exclusive use of selected common elements, such as parking spaces and balconies." Answer:It's similar to leasehold, in the sense that the Unit Owner doe...
Can You Spot the Problem (Hydro Pole) Certainly it would seem very obvious that if the hydro pole is in the middle of the driveway, then the driveway would be rendered useless for vehicular traffic other than motorcycles. However, if you are a real estate agent, then you need to be a problem solv...
HIGH RATIO fixed term best discounted rates & posted rates as of January 18, 2019 Terms                           Posted Rates                 Preferred Rates 6 mos                          3.34%                          3.10%1 year                          3.59%                          3.19%2 y...
Retaining Wall Falling Down (Ontario)Question:How do you deal with a property with a falling down retaining wall between properties? The Sellers agent knows nothing. The higher property (The neighbours) has a retaining wall that is falling down due to huge trees planted on neighbours’ side but wi...
    Commercial Bond Yields CMB 5 Year - 2.37%* CANHOU 06/15/24 [+0.01]   ‌ 10 Year - 2.54% CANHOU 12/15/28 [+0.02]   10 Year - 2.57%* CANHOU 09/15/29 [+0.02] * denotes interpolated rate GoC 5 Year - 1.95% CAN 2.00 09/01/23 [+0.03]   ‌ 10 Year - 2.02% CAN 2.0 06/01/28  [+0.04] GOC Bonds are for r...

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