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Commercial Bond Yields CMB 5 Year - 2.56% CANHOU 12/15/23 [-0.05]   ‌ 10 Year - 2.74% CANHOU 12/15/28 [-0.03]   GoC 5 Year - 2.20% CAN 2.00 09/01/23 [-0.05]   ‌ 10 Year - 2.27% CAN 2.0 06/01/28 [-0.04] GOC Bonds are for reference purposes only
GTA October 2018 Market StabilizesThis is the recently released report of the Toronto Rea Estate Board concerning the October 2018 results:GTA REALTORS® Release October Stats Greater Toronto, November 5, 2018 – Toronto Real Estate Board President Garry Bhaura announced year-over-year increases in...
Express and Implied Agency (Ontario)From time to time inquiries are made about the express and implied agency arrangements.For express agency, there’s always an actual “agency appointment”. It may be written or it may be verbal. Usually, it starts out as a verbal commitment and then it is reduced...
HIGH RATIO fixed term best discounted rates & posted rates as of November 27, 2018 Terms                           Posted Rates                 Preferred Rates 6 mos                          3.34%                          3.10%1 year                          3.59%                          3.19%2 ...
Don’t Forget to Plan Your Flip at the OutsetThe time for planning is before you start.Let’s assume that the expenses for the renovation project will be $50,000.00 and you expect to make $100,000.00 on top of that.If you live in the house, then it may qualify as a “principal residence” and you get...
Term Posted Rate Preferred Rate Open 1 Year 6.30% 6.30% Fixed 1 Year 3.34% 3.19% Fixed 2 Year 3.74% 3.19% Fixed 3 Year 3.89% 3.39% Fixed 4 Year 3.94% 3.64% Fixed 5 Year 5.59% 3.49% Fixed 7 Year 5.80% 3.74% Fixed 10 Year 6.10% 4.04% Variable 2.85% Prime 3.95% Benchmark 5.34%
Land Transfer Tax on Conveyance to Child (Ontario)Question:Is Land Transfer Tax payable upon the Transfer of a property to a child?Answer:Sometimes “yes” and sometimes “no”.If a conveyance is undertaken at full market value, LTT will be payable on the FMV. If the transfer is undertaken for “nomin...
Seller Induces Agent to Attend and Provide Opinion of ValueQuestion:I received an inquiry to attend, examine a property and advise what I thought to be a reasonable price to list. I was surprised to find that the next day it was listed by the very person as the Seller. I am upset that I was used....
 Flipping Properties and some Tax Implications (Ontario)Oftentimes, people will investigate, consider or assist in the renovation of a property for subsequent sale at an increased price.What does this mean? What are the tax implications? There are three choices here:1)    Exempt,2)    Investment ...
Seller Induces Agent to Attend and Provide Opinion of Value From time to time an Agent will want to list their “own” property. They are relatively new to the business and unsure about the price, both for the Listing itself, timing, duration and ultimate acceptable sales price.So, under a ruse of ...

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