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 Commercial bond yields   CMB         GoC         Floating rateinsured cost of funds 5 Year - 1.63%*Canada housing 06/15/22 [-]       5 Year - 1.11%CAN 0.75 09/01/21 [-]       0.96%                      [-]                        10 Year - 2.31%*Canada housing 06/15/27 [-0.01]       10 Year - 1....
Title Search Date: TIME Question: What date should be inserted into the Agreement of Purchase and Sale for the Title Search date? Answer: Buyer’s Interest From the perspective of the Buyer’s lawyer, you can leave the posted title search date right until closing. Seller’s Interest From the Seller’...
Agent Says “You Can’t Keep Me Out - If Necessary I’ll Break In”This is a RECO Discipline case, and as crazy as it may sound it’s true. You just can’t make this stuff up.The Buyer’s agent was obviously anxious. He had booked two appointments. He submitted a lowball Offer. This didn’t please the Se...
 Agent Fails to Disclose “Marihuana Grow House” to Own ClientThis is difficult to believe but it’s true. This matter came on for consideration by the Discipline Committee of RECO. The Buyer was illiterate. He could not speak, read or write English. You might think that would be a problem. Well, f...
TERM POSTED Preferred RATES* Open 1 Year 6.30% 6.30% Fixed 1 Year 2.99% 2.39% Fixed 2 Year 2.84% 2.14% Fixed 3 Year 3.39% 2.34% Fixed 4 Year 3.89% 2.54% Fixed 5 Year 4.64% 2.54% Fixed 7 Year 5.30% 3.19% Fixed 10 Year 6.10% 3.69% Variable Rate 2.15% Prime Rate 2.70% Benchmark Rate 4.64% Cost per ...
Removing One Tenant from a LeaseQuestion:If a couple separates while in a lease (both have signed for the year) and one person leaves, can that person have their name taken off the lease (assuming all parties agree)? Is there an OREA form?Answer:The closest form would be OREA Form 405 (Amendment ...
Terms Posted Rates Preferred Rates 6 MONTHS 3.14% 3.10% 1 YEAR 3.04% 2.29% 2 YEARS 2.84% 2.14% 3 YEARS 3.44% 2.34% 4 YEARS 3.89% 2.49% 5 YEARS 4.64% 2.69% 7 YEARS 5.30% 3.09% 10 YEARS 6.10% 3.69% Rates are subject to change without notice. OAC E&OE  Prime Rate 2.70% 5 yr variable 2.30%
What is RECO’s Real Role?This is the most recent publication from RECO appearing on the RECO website. It appears in the public section of the website. It’s there for everyone to read who has access to the internet:“When a deal falls through, understand how to handle written consent to release the...
How soon Can I List with an Estate?Question:The Owner just passed away. How soon can I list the property for sale?Answer:If there is a Will, then the Estate Trustee has authority to act including listing the property for sale from the moment of death.If there is no Will, then you will have to wai...
Corporate Buyer and FINTRAC Question:When a client is buying under a corporation, other than filling out the FINTRAC, what other paperwork do I get? Documents of incorporation?Answer:You need to ensure that the person signing on this deal has the authority to sign on this deal. This means that yo...

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