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4 HUGE SELLER MISTAKES Picking the Wrong BuyerNow more than ever, sellers need to select their buyers carefully. As we mentioned earlier, thanks to all the defaults in the subprime market, lenders are tightening their lending practices, making it more difficult for consumers to qualify for mortga...
What are the foreclosure alternatives for borrowers who are having trouble making their payments? What actions should a borrower take to pursue these alternatives?There are several alternatives for a borrower that is having trouble making payments. Some of the alternatives available include: Repa...
Cutting corners (as in the case of the peanut factory), cheating on your taxes or using questionable methods is a common practice today. In our business or any business for that matter, the practice of honesty should be applied. Sticking to your agreements or contracts even if things go not as ex...
This is a great read from my friend and associate Lori LincolnSo I've seen and heard some craziness among a few individuals in our profession. Most of the unprofessionals left the business, but I still observe some these pet peeves of mine at times. I am not the perfect one, so if you ever catch ...


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