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Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law "You have a right to dispute inaccurate information in your credit report by contacting the credit bureau directly. However, neither you nor any ‘credit repair' company or credit repair organization has the right to have accurate, current, a...
Debt Scavengers and Bottom Feeders; the Bad Apples of the Collection Industry There is a disturbing development that has been taking place with "debt scavenger" companies who purchase old debts.  These third parties buy old bad debts in bulk for pennies on the dollar and then contact you trying t...
When the FCRA was revised by FACTA, they put in a section for "Expedited Dispute Resolution" Section 611a(8) ... otherwise known as the on-line dispute system.   If you read that part you will notice this sentence:"the agency shall not be required to comply with paragraphs (2), (6), and (7) with ...
The "Big Three" (CRA's) defense strategy was criticized by Judge Posner of the 7th Circuit in the bedbug case as "investing in developing a reputation intended to deter plaintiffs", which was an important reason why in that case the 7th Circuit upheld $372,000 in punitive damages with only $10,00...
It amazes me how many mortgage brokers and loan officers are telling their clients and prospects conflicting information. I hope they know that by telling their clients this that they are in violation of RESPA. Of course having too many accounts that are open can afflict your score, but by openin...
Many Americans dream of having their own business. In the wake of the recent subprime meltdown, there is a growing demand for credit repair to meet the new conditions of the market. This presents an ideal opportunity for individuals looking to build themselves up as others merely accept the downt...
A few years back it was discovered that most of those sites advertising "free credit reports" were something of a scam.   While many of them were run by the various credit reporting agencies, they weren't the official site, but rather tricks to get people to sign up for fe...
I get this question a lot; "If my company works out of Arizona, do I need to have a bond in Florida to enroll a Florida resident?" In our opinion you do not.  Once you pass state lines you will revert to federal law as you are an Arizona business entity.    I've found some helpful links below to ...
If you want to take a step up from being an affiliate and take control of your financial future then apply today for an outside sales position with Rising Point Solutions LLC.   If you are interested in having a conversation regarding possibly becoming a net branch please contact me directly.    
When is someone eligible for credit repair?  It is highly recommended to perform a risk assessment and follow up with an extensive closing pitch so that there is ZERO CONFUSION between the credit service organization, the broker, and most importantly ... the client.   At the end of the call they ...

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