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Just my take on Real Estate and whatever else comes to mind - in Bel Air and the world. Nothing more, nothing less. How's that for detailed and concise? View this tour in a new window.
Last Week in Bel Air Last Week in Bel Air, Maryland... 12 Properties SOLD at a total of $4.9 million 4 were FORECLOSURES 0 was SHORT SALE 10 were SINGLE FAMILY DETACHED 1 was a TOWNHOME 1 was a CONDO Average days on the market DOM was 60 days.     Sale prices ranged from $182,000 for a 2 bed/2 ba...
"Life's too short to clean your own home." I remember reading this on a marketing piece for a housecleaning service and it just popped into my head as I recalled a recent experience...   "Life's too short to clean your own home." REALLY?       Had a showing last night and was not at all amused.  ...
Last Week in Bel Air, Maryland... 28 Properties SOLD 2 were FORECLOSURES 1 was SHORT SALE 16 were SINGLE FAMILY DETACHED 8 were TOWNHOMES 4 were CONDOS Average days on the market DOM was 111 days.     Sale prices ranged from $139.000 for a 2 bed/2 bath 20 yr-old condo to $515.000 for a 5 bed/2.5 ...
Foreclosure REO Bank-Owned They all mean the same thing - distressed property - and it could mean a good deal for today's savvy buyer.  This past week, 2 buyers took advantage of the opportunity to purchase one of these deals and closed on bank-owned properties in Bel Air, MD...   250 Temple Dr. ...
Alice in Wonderland? More like AGENTS in Wonderland. Rambling to Myself: Please tell me...someone, anyone(?) why some agents are pulling list prices out of their a$$e$ on a consistent basis?  My apologies upfront for the bluntness of my post, but, seriously, I've had enough.  Maybe it's my age. A...
    I'm always on the hunt for cool graphics, fonts, pix, and the like. What can I say? I'm a renegade... Gotta change it up every now and again. How about you? Like the look of this cool font?  Get it for yourself at Kent Brewster's site. Is this kewl or what?   Just sayin' Lanette in Bel Air
Hi y'all --- Just had to pass along this little ditty to all my friends and family.  You know who you are...   Did you know that your kids can bowl free all summer long at AMF bowling centers? No? Didn't know that? you do!   Just head on over to KIDSBOWLFREE.COM and sign your child(ren...
Me? I'm an old(er) broad.  I've been here a minute or two. Them? They're an accident waiting to happen. Ah, what to do...what to do?   I...
State of the State County If you're a buyer looking to purchase in Harford county, MD, you really should get going. Houses are selling like...well, hotcakes. An amazing thing is happening in and around Harford County, Maryland. Higher priced properties - the kind that historically stay on the mar...
A quick shout-out to the fool who decided to cut and paste his personal ad into one of my posts-- Here's a little cutting and pasting I did just for you.  Short, sweet, and to the point, it is...     Please fill out the form below to send a message to Lyle Allen. Be sure to provide your name and ...

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Hey, y'all! It's me, Lanette in Bel Air, and I love sharing my take on Real Estate and whatever else comes to mind. Read it, digest it, then let's engage in some written banter, shall we?