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We took a little trip to look at homes and ended up on the lake.  We didn't intend to be on the lake but the prices of homes on Lake Lanier had dropped so much since last time we were here that I couldn't say no.  The price's were not only reasonable but very appealing.  So we hit the lake, play...
This is not a slam, I repeat not a slam on ****. I am sure they are doing everthing in there power to make this process as smooth as possible. Brady
The sky is falling Well maybe it only feels like it!           I will not stand by and watch, I am putting my foot down and pushing forth!         Purge the negative thoughts from your head and be thankful for what you have. My best friend called me last night with an epiphany!  While sitting on ...
Are you a Short Sale Manager, do You work in a Bank?  Do you read blogs and do you understand our (Realtors) frustration?       Please take a minute and give us your thoughts!  We want to help people and will do whatever it takes.  I can Google short sales all day and find millions of post from R...
. I will not fill this post with a ton of horrible pictures but if you are an Agent or a seller looking to sell, not a set of old golf clubs, but your most valuable asset.  Demand the best!      I don't think anyone really gets in a car anymore to look for a house, they get on the computer.  If t...
If Your Home loan is through Bank of America, your upside down and want, or need to sell please read and email me if you have any questions.   Brady Howard bradyhoward@kw.comBreaking News…. Bank of America is testing and will soon have a national roll-out of a new  program that will revolutionize...
       Hello homeowners, is this you? Do you like to dream like my boys? Everyone likes to dream and think about being something or someone they're not.  For example, in the picture above my boys think they are fish in an aquarium, and while it was fun to pretend pretty soon they had to breath a...
    It's been awhile now, sometimes you have to step back assess, and re-group. I did it, and am only sure of one thing; all the negative feelings towards Real Estate have passed. I never disliked the job or the challenge but was becoming uneasy about the flow. I felt like I was getting caught up...
   This was in "RISMEDIA" this morning.  It's just the link but can be passed on to clients and friends.  It still sounds better than it is.  Most of the people who are upside down in there property are way above 5% so it doesn't help them.  I don't think it's punishment either way but when someo...
This is from the Washington Post and I just wanted to pass it along in case someone has military clients out there that are in a less densely populated military area.  The economic stimulus package has a $555 million provision to help military members who are required to relocate.  You had to pur...

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