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Not saying that California doesn't have its high points, like my entire family lives there, but I have to say I can't wait to get back to Virginia     Aside from lacking movie stars, we don't have traffic!  If you think I'm wrong, get on a plane and hang out in CA for a couple of days.     Whoops...
Not saying that all these products aren't great, but come on now.  I'm in CA for 2 days, today Grandma, was selling her herbal tee's, my aunt had ground up shark fin and some gobobo juice that cures world hunger, Uncle is selling Amsoil, he's a distributor for his son my cousin.  My favorite cous...
I'm out in California for a wedding and half the guest couldn't make it due to fires.  Its all everyone is talking about here and the only thing on TV.      I'm not complaining but it keeps it all in perspective when you have a bad day, it could be worse.  I hope and pray that your all safe.     ...
    Just got off the phone with accountability partner of mine and he REEKS!!  If your having problems closing clients you need to look at your self in the mirror and figure out if your doing it for them or for yourself.  I've walked the road where people have dollar signs floating over their hea...
Good Times!!!!  I'm flying out to LA today so that I can try and save mom's house.  She bought it for 200K 15 years ago, it appraised for 700K 6 years ago, and now she wants to move.  I flew in during the summer and every house in the subdivision is bank owned.  It looks like a cartoon, without p...
    This is common in the Hampton Roads area, but it is really nice to see safe and clean neighborhoods that Police, Teachers, Firefighters, and Military can comfortably buy in.  I have 3 homes that I know of that are all brick with 4 bed 3 baths, in ground pools and huge yards.  All in good scho...
This is old news now, a couple days old but should beat hard in your office today.  This is a re post but was brought up again in my office during our team meeting.  We are working hard, we are faithfully doing scripts, power hour, 411, coaching, and accountability. 1.  Going over scripts, we go ...
I must say that after spending 21 years in the Military and Retiring proud that this is a great place to live.  I spent the day with my family and everywhere we went people were asking if we were military and thanking us.  I was Honored and almost wanted to go home and break out my uniform.  We ...
  Virginia Beach, VA.  Sunday night we just got back from a tour of ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment)  Part of my Mystical journey, really it was a field trip for one of my college classes.  After wards we went to dinner at Catch 31 in Virginia Beach, VA.  I'm not here to promote t...
I have a friend who has a home for sale in Deep Creek, Chesapeake VA.  I am unfortunatly not the realtor yet.  Anyway the home is under 300K, its an all Brick Ranch with 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths.  There is an inground Salt water pool, with new decking all the way around and parking for a boat ...

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