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I learned a little lesson today. My inspection just happened to coincide with the Seller's garage sale this morning. So, no problem..I just get busy doing my thing. I have a new tool carrier that I keep all my expensive meters and doo-dads in that I take into the house so I don't have to run back...
OK, I admit to taking a little literary license with the subject line of this thread. My hyperbole is overstated somewhat (can that be done?) but not by much I don’t think. You can view or download today's meeting notes here and, as usual, my personal notes are in bold, blue italic font for easy ...
You can download and review the new TREC SOP Commentary here. This April '09 draft version covers the Scope/Definitions and Structural sections of the new SOP. Other sections will be added in the next couple of months.
Here are my notes from today's Texas Real Estate Commission meeting. As usual, my notes are in bold, blue, italic font. Try not to doze off....see: .
Here are my notes from the Feb 11th TREC SOP Commentary Sub-Committee meeting: The TREC Inspectors Advisory Committee SOP sub-committee met by teleconference on 2/11/09 to continue work on and drafting of a Commentary to the new 2009 TREC Inspector's SOP. All four of the sub-committee members wer...
Texas Inspectors, The new, 2009 Texas Real Estate Commission Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors states that the inspector shall “Report as deficient…appliances and metal pipes that are not bonded or grounded”. This can be accomplished in several methods. One, the electrical junction box at...
The TREC Inspectors Committee has been promising to develop a Commentary to explain in more detail what the rational is for many of the new SOP line items. Here is a 1st pass, very rough draft of a Commentary for your review. Please post your thoughts here about it. Rough Draft Commentary
Here are my notes from the Dec 15th TREC meeting in Austin. As usual, my notes are in bold, blue font for easy identification. See: TREC Notes
I recently saw this exchange on another blog somewhere and got a chuckle out of it:    All indicators suggest a turn around and recovery of the real estate market now that the elections are behind us. The first quarter of the new year should result in rebounding home prices, fewer foreclosures an...

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