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A friend just emailed me to alert me about this website.  Sometimes this particular friend has things right and other times I hear from her and she is way off in left field.  This time she was 100% correct.  If anyone knows how this can possibly be legal, I would certainly like to know.  Go to ht...
If you do not live in Colorado, you might not know the name Erin Toll.  Erin has, for the past 18 months, been on a title company rampage.  She has made a name for herself nationwide as she came down hard on the wrong doing she found with title company practices within the state of Colorado.  As ...
Blogging for me is somthing that I do when I have the time. It's just like with our buyers and sellers, it comes in spurts.  This is something I do when I have the time and inclination.  Last night it was dinner with a group of eight.  Social networking.  Fall is almost here and our social calend...
Hobbs Herder and others tell us the more consistent and repetitive the messages, the stronger the name recognition. Take advantage of the opportunity to brand yourself by ordering postcards or notepaper that carries the look of your website and your other advertising. Our business cards, website ...
Having lived in Texas for a number of years, I have always been impressed with the real estate school at Texas A & M.  Jim, my partner in life and real estate, still maintains his Texas real estate license and monthly, their Terra Grande' report is required reading when it arrives.  A recent repo...
Does anyone know exactly which states have taken a legislative position opposing limited service-real estate?  In our Denver metro MLS, right next to homeowners that pay a traditional broker for full service, appears the flat fee MLS listings. This occurs when a real estate office signs a listing...
Once upon a time a child was born to a wonderful and lovely family.  They named this child Kristal.  Kristal was a krafty child and so it was that she became known as Kristal Kraft.  Kristal's mother told her, "Kristal you are a beautiful child.  You are bright and witty.  You are clever and, of ...
Last Saturday we invited Kristal Kraft and her husband Larry to go to dinner with us.  I had a diabolical plan.  I was going to get ahead of her on the Active Rain blog!!  I excused myself and went to the ladies room.  Now you can see parts of my body other than the "head shot" with my body guard! 
This probably will not keep Craig Schiller up nights.  At least I hope not.  If this article has any merit, we might all consider going to the local theatre and hiring out of work actors. In Denver, that would be the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  Somehow, I think I will stay with the st...
Barbara Cochoran, renowed N. Y. Realtor and former best friend of the "Donald" was on morning T.V.  I am not a big fan, but decided to listen to what she had to say about selling a home in 5 days.  I immediately dismissed the first idea, at least for the Denver market which has been flat for the ...

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