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10 Steps to a better credit score: Step three is creating a BUDGET One way to avoid financial mistakes is to know where all your monies should go.  Sometimes it's a little scary to sit down and "face the music,"  to see where all of your money is actually going.  Budgeting  is a vital step in tur...
Consumers beware of new credit card offers that may be arriving in your mailbox. Due to the increased regulations mandated on the credit card act (Credit Card Accountability and Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009), creditors have become more creative. Beware of "Professional Cards" not cov...
Salt Lake County Market Statistics: days on market, average price and units sold Salt Lake County Market Statistics: days on market, average price and units sold.  Salt Lake County, Single Family Home Statistics: Below are the most recent market statistics for single family homes in Salt Lake Cou...
Another Successful Metting with Clients Another fantastic meeting with clients today. I met with a young couple today who have been through some really tough times. They have been working diligently on moving forward, trying to put the past behind them. Their ultimate goal is to stop renting and ...
10 Steps to a Better Score: Part 2 Credit Score Errors: Millions of Americans are probably unaware of the fact that close to 80% of the credit reports out there contain some type of error on them.  Of that percentage 25% of the errors are so detrimental they result in being denied for loans, fina...
Home Sales Down Across the Country??  Salt Lake County Down 36%.  In a Year to Year comparison this seems like more bad news, but it all depends on how you manipulate the numbers and what time frame you want to compile numbers to report.  Below is an article recaping the news article.  
You want to pull my credit ? Are your prepared? In the past everyone knows that  whenever you make a major purchase your credit will be pulled.  And even now most people know that business pull your credit when you purchase a cell phone, tires,  insurance etc.  For whatever reason,  this weekend ...
Salt Lake County, Condo Sales Salt Lake County, Condo Statistics: Below are the most recent market statistics for condos in Salt Lake County. I can't believe the amount of choices buyers have right now! Unbelievable, what an amazing time!~ rates are rock bottom, you'll be sorry if you wait.     P...
Below is a fantastic article written by Dawn Allcot: found on regarding credit scores and where America stands.  Credit scores affect all aspects of our lives.  Dawn wrote a fantastic article I thought was worth sharing. FICO Reports Credit Scores At an All-Time Low By Dawn Al...
10 Steps to a better credit score: part 1:::   What's my credit score?  What does it mean? Why do I need a credit score? How will a short sale, bankruptcy, foreclosure affect my score? How often should I pull my credit report? I can't afford my debt, now what? Divorce, Credit card bills, late pay...

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