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The Likeability Guy blog is about the role likeability plays in your success.
Hi Mom Every time I call my mom she answers the telephone as if she doesn’t know it’s me calling.  I know she knows it’s me because she has caller ID. And now, she knows that I know that she knows it’s me calling. Are you still following me? Even that doesn’t stop her from pretending that she doe...
"Everyone makes mistakes, but it's how you handle yourself after you've make the mistake that will give you the reputation for being a mouse or a  man." The Likeability Guy | Bob Sommers It Was A Busy Time Years ago I was responsible for running the largest customer service training company in t...
I tend to follow marketing people on Facebook as well as ActiveRain, and for the most part they do a great job promoting themselves as experts in their field. Every once in a while however, someone uploads a post that does more harm to their reputation than good. Let me give you an example. Talk ...
News Flash! If you've ever asked someone if they've been avoiding you, they have!" Most people won't tell you that of course because they're trying to be polite. They'll tell you that they've been busy or that they didn't receive your message or some other white lie, but they won't tell you the t...
I fully intended to sit down this morning and write an article on likeability when my day was interrupted by the mailman. Up until that time, everything was perfect. The article was titled and mind mapped (which is a right brained way to do an outline) and anxiously awaiting to be organized into ...
The Internet Marketing Association of Hawaii officially launched on Sunday, February 1, 2009. The association is made up of local business owners and their marketing staff, Internet marketing experts, web designers, students, entrepreneurs and others interested in learning how to market their pro...
Over the course of the past few years I've spent a lot of time talking to and working with real estate agents here on Maui ... or is it in Maui? Well, if you're a local you would say, "on Maui" if you're from the mainland you would say, "in Maui" So what's the big deal? The big deal is this, if y...
If you've ever wondered how the top real estate websites get to the top of the search engines and generate thousands of visitors every month, wonder no more.  The Likeability Guy | Bob Sommers Recognized Expert just created a step-by-step video program that shows you how to do just that through a...
Over the past year I've been producting a workshop on the Top 10 Ways To Get Customers To Your Website. One of the newest and most effective way to do that is through Video Marketing. It will throw your website and blog to the top of the Search Engines Results Pages.  Better yet, it has the abili...
My son Josh and I just completed a set of 110 Google Blogger Videos demonstrating how to use every tool available in Blogger's arsenal. It is the most comprehensive Blogger video program created to date. But why Blogger and not Wordpress? Blogger is quite simply the easiest blogging platform on t...

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The Likeability Guy blog is about the role likeability plays in your success.