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Third - Where is the real estate market headed and when is it going there?I noticed that at the end of December and beginning of January there were a great many listings expiring in our board.  Seems that is typical each year, BUT it is now January 7th and the number of listings is down 7%.  Mayb...
Second - Talked early today about global warming and the environment.  It seems the next concern should be energy.  One year ago I traded my Mercedes for a Toyota Camry with a 4 cylinder engine.  I also traded my Nissan Quest for a Toyota Corolla with another 4 cylinder engine.  That improved my ...
This is not just about real estate, but certainly real estate will be affected.  I am looking at the near future of this country and this planet.First, what about global warming.  I was a meteorologist/oceanographer for over 10 years, so I have some backgroung on this subject.  There is absolutel...
I read the latest housing reports, and I read opinions of several economists.  Now I know absolutely nothing.  I just hope Ben Bernancke and the rest of the Fed don't make the same mistake Greenspan made.  Yes, they will need to lower the rate during the next two months to 3.5%, but I hope they d...
Real estate agents are being totally irresponsible when they list homes at high prices coveted by sellers.  Just one quick example.  Some twenty-one months ago a seller asked me to list their home.  Having done my homework and surveying the home, I suggested listing for $299K.  Seller freaked!  "...
Just read Standard and Poors home price report for October.  Nationwide drop of 6.7% is a record.  Maybe the realtors should make a nationwide effort to convince sellers who haven't prepared their homes for sale properly and haven't priced them appropriately to withdraw them from the market.  It ...
I am currently working on a new website that will be active in early January.  It has value to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, etc, etc. all over the world.  I am excited about this.  Will announce the URL when it is active and working right.  Keep tuned.
Well, 2007 was a lot of fun in the Daytona Beach area.  I missed my $3,000,000 sales goal by $70,000.  Just couldn't find that last little sale.  With all the terrible news about real estate, especially Florida, I am satisfied with the year.  Will increase goal for next year even if the talking h...

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