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This is something we should all be doing as Realtor'sI have heard it from more than one buyer, "I just don't want to have a contract with an agent". Last week I attended an intensive Buyer Mastery class taught at the local Keller Williams Realty office. Like all of their training, it was incredib...
This is one of the Lucky Moose.Moose in the Yard .... Anchor Point Alaska   We had a visitor finally..... Moose season ends today and look who showed up! Nibbling on the willows and trees in the yard...walking right down the driveway like he didn't have a care in the world... Whew made it thru an...
What do you think? Call Capture or not? I just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas. I'm very tan. Even though I was sternly warned that I would not work on vacation, I couldn't help but notice all sorts of analogies between my cruising experience and the wonderful world of real estate sales. Ah...
Now here is a great opportunity to try out a great Active Rain feature.As the Community Manager, I want to "Welcome" you to ActiveRain, ActiveRain is a place that supports you and the need to create a successful and rewarding Real Estate presence and Blogging portfolio.  Just by being a member he...
Having a Grandchild sure has changed. Today we were so very blessed when our daughter had her first child.  This should be old hat to us though.  This is our 6th Grandchild spread over a 10 year period.  Our youngest Grandchild, with the exception of our newest, is 4 years old. The whole process ...
Do you have agents in your market breaking the rules? There are no shortcuts on the road to success. In fact, on your journey you’ll probably have to pass through the dumps before you reach your final destination. That being said, one shortcut I’ve been seeing a lot more lately in our profession ...
Greg will bring you up to date on his market.  How does it compare to yours? Here is a brief video where I quickly discuss homes for sale in Prospect KY. This video and others are available on my blog site at
I think this is worth reading.  And it's a quick read too.    Motivational Power Quote   What Are You Willing to Be Left Undone   "Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone." Pablo Picasso     As I see it. . . . . . . . What are you willing to be left undone?   Pu...
Want to get your post read?  Then have a look at what Rita has to say!How does local audience find your posts?Are you writing your posts for a local audience? Are they finding your posts? You write and write, yet nobody seems to be listening. One glance at your blog statistics and you realize tha...
Larry has given a great example of what we should all use when considering the marketing of our business.When studying marketing, one of the first concepts that we learn about is called the Marketing Mix. There are 4 elements to this marketing mix:         Product: this element describes the spec...

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