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How To be A Good Realtor Learn the difference between a successful realtor and a GOOD realtor.Check Fort Lowell Property Management out!
 How To Be a Real Estate Agent and Not a Tour Guide! Great video from Fort Lowell Property Management down in Phoenix Arizona.  Helping someone buy a home DOES NOT guarantee you a commission. Watch this video and make sure you don't just turn into a glorified tour guide.  Good information to lear...
What Kind of Brokerage is Best For You? Great Video here by Fort Lowell Property Management from Phoenix, Arizona, on the different types of brokerages real estate agents can work for, and the best fit for agents.  The video gives some pros and cons for each of the types of brokerages listed.  
 Lets face it it is pretty hard to get into the investment circle if you are under the age of 30. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told “ I have a son thats older than you” breaking into an industry where the deciding factor is how many grey hairs you have on your head it can be really t...
When it comes time to submitting offers there are two different ways you can go about it. You can use a Purchase contact or a Letter of Intent. Main factor in deciding if you should use a purchase contract or letter of intent is the type of property you are investing in.  Purchase Contract Purcha...
For first time or new investor Plex properties are great as they allow investors to learn the ropes of real estate without it being to over baring. Plex properties are great investments for two main reasons... financing opportunities and cash flow.  Cash FlowPlex properties will give you cash flo...

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