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My goal is to share information about the mortgage market, my community and myself, as well as to provide timely information for buyer's, sellers and home owners in Maryland.
Be SURE to READ the fine print on those internet loan offers!   I do my best to build rapport with my clients, go above and beyone to help them to navigate the loan process and the buying process and make myself available for questions (many times at all hours of the day and night-often when "ban...
  Does Mortgage Insurance Make Sense For Me?   These days more and more homebuyers are struggling with the question of mortgage insurance. It is important to note that the type of mortgage insurance we are talking about does not protect you or pay off your mortgage if you die.  This type of mortg...
This is great information from Margaret Woda of Crofton, Maryland.  Margaret shares why Real Estate Agents ARE NOT ALLOWED BY LAW to disclose certain information to you as a buyer.  It is really important for buyers to do their own research on neighborhood, schools and crime. This is the age of t...
Passing On A Great Legacy   Today would have been my mother's 85th birthday.  Unfortunately for the world, she did not make it to her 52nd here on earth.  I was 12 when she died. She was a great lady.  She was the youngest girl of 7 children, studied music at Peabody, sang and acted in many perfo...
4 Reasons Your Condo May NOT Qualify for Traditional Financing...and what to do about it. There are less than 51% of the properties that are owner occupied.  (There are lots of renters) There is too high of a delinquency rate for HOA dues.  (More than 15% of your neighbor's are 30 days or more pa...
  Is Your Business Being CRUSHED by CANDY?     "My name is Bridget, also known as Maryland Mortgage Mama, and I am a recovered Candy Crush addict."       "Hi, Bridget!"   These days there are so many things to distract us from our work, our kids, our spouses, our passions, our mission in life How...
Today We Laid To Rest A Wonderful Lady St. Patrick's Day is a big day (weekend/week/month) in our large, extended Irish family.  Today it was made even more special as we laid to rest my Aunt Ellen. I wanted to take some time today to share a little about this wonderful lady.  Aunt Ellen was one...
Spring Meetup In Maryland, Will You Join Us??   The amazing Martha Brown & Margaret Rome, will be hosting the spring meetup in Annapolis, Maryland on March 25th from 12:30-2:30pm at: Brios Tuscan Grille, 305 Sail Pl Annapolis, MD  21401 You're Busy, I'm Busy, but you have to take some time to sha...
TIPS FOR MARYLAND HOMEBUYERS # 1 ASSETS-BANK STATEMENTS For at least 3 months PRIOR to getting a preapproval: 1.   NO OVERDRAFTS-Spend only what you have, no more! Overdrafts or Insufficients funds show an underwriter that you are not responsible with your money and makes them think that you won'...
Today my daughter's school celebrated Dr. Seuss's Birthday. They got to dress up as their favorite character from any of Dr. Seuss' book. Syd picked to dress up as "Cindy Lou Who".    Meet Sydney Lou Who!   She was a huge hit at school.  I posted the photo on facebook and it was the most "liked"...

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