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Having small kids changes EVERYTHING Ten years ago, when we were first married, I fell in love with the idea of tiny house living. I loved that there wasn't a ton of space for clutter - (who needs a bunch of stuff anyways?!), I loved that there wasn't much to clean, I loved that we were saving PI...
Moving can be such a hassle!The packing, the cleaning, the preparation of your OLD and NEW home. While some people thrive on the excitement and change that comes with moving, most people don't look to it with much anticipation. However, there are ways to make it just a little bit simpler and less...
One of the greatest benefit to living in the 21st century -- is being able to learn online.While the internet is certainly FULL of information, there are also traps you can fall in, where false information is portayed as true.As a nurse, I have seen how frequently, many people tout THEIR birth ex...
Finding clothes to look and, more importantly, FEEL professional in can be REALLY hard.Today I want to share sometimes to help you do both of those, within budget and feel great about yourself.Early Pro Tip:  I get a lot of my favorite clothes from Dia & Co -- and I have a whole Dia and Co Review...
How do you know your client is in labor?  Figuring it out early might save the upholstery in your car!Many couples looking for a house are doing so because they are adding a new pea to their pod.  I, personally was even faxing documents to my broker from the hospital after baby #2.So, today I wan...
One of the most exciting things about getting into your first home is being able to customize it to your heart's content. For many, this means remodeling parts of your home that need some TLC.  However, home projects can take a lot of time and money. So if changing things up too much isn't quite ...

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