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Barbara Le Pine: Selling homes on the Central Oregon Coast. Here you will find a colorful mix of thoughts and ideas from a full time Real Estate Broker who lives in and works in the entire Lincoln County Area, I am a Lincoln City realtor, Otis Realtor, Gleneden Beach Realtor, Depoe Bay Realtor, Otter Rock Realtor, Beverly Beach Realtor, Agate Beach Realtor, Newport Realtor, Yaquina Bay Realtor, Toledo Realtor, South Beach Realtor, Seal Rock Realtor, Waldport Realtor, Alsea Realtor, Tidewater Realtor, and Yachats Realtor.
Strong colors do not always work for all buyers. Will need extra paint to keep from bleeding through This broken light switch cover is an easy fix and should be replaced. It is the little things that make a house look like a fixer, even when it is in reasonable condition.When you list your house ...
 I told my clients that I could find them the perfect house for them, on the perfect street. As you can see, anything is possible! Have a great real estate day!!!
 A reminder to my fellow agents, please don't drive while distracted by your telephone. This ghost bike was spotted in the city of Albany, Oregon. It only takes a split second of distraction to cause an accident out on the road. The sign below was eerie in proximity to the memorial ghost bike, wh...
Many agents enjoy the "sport of negotiating" parts of a contract with the other agent, then writing up the paperwork after verbally discussing terms, on their clients behalf, or answering with a texted counter offer, "with paperwork to follow."Example: Agent receives my offer and texts me a count...
"Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we could hear twice as much as we speak."In the past few weeks, I have been working on a new project!My plan: Keep my words down to a minimum, both in emails, texts and phone messages. My world has opened up to me in many ways as I can hear so much bette...
Toledo is a rural community close to Newport on the Central Oregon Coast. Normally, it takes a little longer to sell a home in Toledo as it is about 10 minutes inland from the ocean. However.... Newport has been growing, and as a result, we are seeing homes sell more quickly. As demand starts to ...
About three times a year, I fly to my home town of Los Angeles from Oregon. I was looking through some of my photos from last year, found above photo I took in LA, California, to share with my readers. Why is this significant? Because in Oregon, we do not pump our own gas. It is state mandate to...
Here is a photo of the very beginning of a remodel project on a very old home with major water damage due to an incorrect window install. There was a small "closet" wall which needed removal so we could get to the larger window to replace it. This room was previously filled to the brim with tras...
This is a view of my percussion station inside the orchestra pit. Shrek, The Musical,  had a very successful 3 weekend run at the Newport Performing Arts Center in Newport, Oregon, in Nye Beach on the Central Oregon Coast. Shrek had sellout crowds and was well received. My job was to play all wr...
Styrofoam is a useful product. Packing peanuts will protect glassware from breakage when shipping. Packing peanuts are NOT, however, an accepted form of building material. Even if your house has been fully inspected, hidden gems like these can be found within the walls of a home after closing. T...

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A mix of thoughts and ideas from a full time Real Estate Broker who lives in and works in the entire Lincoln County Area, serving Lincoln City, Otis, Gleneden Beach, Depoe Bay, Otter Rock, Beverly Beach, Agate Beach, Newport, Yaquina Bay, Toledo, South Beach, Seal Rock, Waldport, Alsea, Tidewater, and Yachats.