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Great headline to read on a cold, winter day here in Northeast Texas.  The stock market hasn't done well during the month of January 2010, but this news is definitely a BRIGHT SPOT. The article by Venessa Wong, BusinessWeek (Jan 29th, 2010) highlights the results of recent data from the Little Ro...
Did you know that 46% of REALTORS® are using a BLACKBERRY and 27% use an IPHONE for their smart phone/mobile device? At least that's the result of a Quick Poll taken during yesterday's webinar entitled, There is an App for That! presented by Amy Chorew, Technology Specialist.  74% of the attendee...
  It's more than important...it's critical that Texans let our voices be heard at the primary polls this March 2, 2010. The Texas Legislature faces a budget deficit and will consider various ways to generate the needed revenue.  They may include real estate transfer taxes and sales tax on propert...
  While driving from North East Texas to the North Dallas Metroplex area last week, I noticed some new signs have been posted near SCHOOL ZONES because of the recent bill passed to prohibit the use of a hand held mobile phone device while driving.  In many parts of Texas, this type of ruling has...
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are A-list villains?  According to an article in the US News & World Report, by Rick Newman, 1/13/2010 Let's Hope These 4 Things Don't Happen these statements may ring true. BUT, BUT, BUT... Yes, the US government essentially nationalized Freddie and Fannie to keep them...
  It's a new year, a new decade, and a good time to review the changes in the USA's real estate related dynamics.  Some of us like to look back and reflect on the positive changes...others like to see what not to repeat in the future.  A recent article in the Real Estate News, A Decade of Dramati...

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