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The Hoboken School Lunch Debacle Some days I have to work for blog content and some days (like today) it finds me. Oh lucky me. A few days ago, I wrote about the school lunch changes taking place in Hoboken. Well, the journey continues. So I dropped my five year old off today and asked his teache...
Hoboken Condo Inventory Where did all of the condos go? New Hoboken condo listings were way down in December. Not surprising since many people want to put it off until after the Holidays. Inventories way off of the summer peak. I don't know if we will see those summer highs again this spring but ...
From The Inside Hoboken Real Estate Mortgage Guy Here are the current mortgage rates … if you have any questions, please let me know. **Keep in mind that every borrower’s situation is different, and each must be evaluated individually.** REVISED March 2nd, 2010---- 12:30 PM ET Lock Period = 30 Da...
Hoboken Schools: The Truth? Not From Me It is illegal for real estate agents to talk about schools. We know but are confined to say "well there are statistics that you can look up online". Theory number one: Agents can't "steer" people to certain neighborhoods by saying something like "this house...
Hoboken Open House Map Weekend Of February 27th and 28th. Here it is....It will be interesting to see how many of Saturday's get snowed out. I've already deleted a few of off the map. If you go to you can sort by bedrooms or price range. Remember that open hous...
Biggest Ever Price Reduction For A Hoboken Condo? Those of you who receive my Quarterly Hoboken Real Estate Reports know that I always include the least and most expensive properties currently for sale and sold during that time period. If anybody has paid attention over the past year there was on...
The Hoboken Tax Appeal Strike Zone It can be a little confusing whether to appeal or not to appeal. Thanks to my friend Phil, we now have a get piece of data that defines the appeal strike zone in pretty clear cut terms. If you property was held closings between 2004 and 2006 you are a good candi...
Real Estate and Olympic Ice Skating: Every four years I get sucked in. And every four years I swear it won't happen again. I mean love bobsledding or a I loved bobsledding until I actually took a run down the ice chute in Park City. A near death experience. I have a newfound respect for them but ...
Hoboken Open House Map Weekend of February 20,21 Launching a new service.  The Hoboken Open House Map at   You don't need to sign up. Just use it and let me know what you think. Sort by Price or number of bedrooms     Hoboken Open House Map Weeknd of February 20,21      
Tax Appeal Ready Buildings In the never ending quest to inform and educate.... I have been calling my clients and telling them about the Tax Appeal. I run their numbers through my Hoboken Tax Appeal Calculator to let them know what I find. In my journey, I've come across several large building wh...

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