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It’s hard to even think about New Year’s without the word ‘resolutions’ popping into your head—not to mention that it’s nearly impossible to go to any kind of Paulding County New Year’s Eve get-together without the topic coming up. In the realms of diet and exercise, New Year’s resolutions are h...
Given that the experts have often been as wrong as they were right about predicting at least one real estate trend for 2015 (mortgage interest rates), it’s fair to ask why it’s worthwhile to consult them regarding the coming year. Fair enough. The answer is twofold.First off, for anyone who will ...
Every West Cobb homeowner knows that the state of Kennesaw property values is important. But regardless of how important property values are, it’s also true that the term itself is hard to pin down. It’s more elusive than most of us assume—it literally means different things to different people.O...
If you are planning for your own open house in Dallas, you won’t have much trouble finding good advice. Here’s a quick list of what you’ll find:Don’t leave your pet behindDon’t forget the yardIf you’re not confident in your house cleaning ability, trust that instinct (hire a pro)!It’s the kitchen...
There are two specific times each year when Paulding County real estate investors find their thoughts wandering in the general direction of impending tax bills. As we approach year’s end, this is one of them. The other, of course, will be coming up in April—but this is the time of year when steps...
Have you ever wondered about the way Paulding County listings appear on your screen when you search for houses for sale through one of the search engines? If you have already found a local Realtor’s®website (like this one!), it’s easy to search the Paulding County listings right from that site wi...
Selling your Paulding County home during the holiday season may sound like a less than ideal game plan, but there are some advantages now present only at this time of year. It’s true that some extra effort may be called for, but it can be worth the endeavor: there are several factors that make sh...

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