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Serving buyers and sellers looking to buy or sell a their home in and around Northern CA, California Coast Real Estate market, and the surrounding Humboldt County Real Estate market.
I don't know about you, but since I've started getting involved with Active Rain, I've noticed that I return calls more promptly, and send potential clients information the minute I receive an inquiry.  But most of all I don't feel as overwhelmed as I did before.So I had to ask myself, what has c...
I actually found a similar idea last year and took it a step further, and I have had great Branding success with my Sphere of Influence, doing this promotion and it was fun too.  Gave me a reason to contact my Sphere of Influence. Almost all the books remind you to give your SOI, Farm, FSBO, etc....
Have you ever sold or bought a used car from an individual or even a dealership?What was your first impression when you saw the car you were thinking of buying?•    Was it immaculate inside and out? – Detailed by a professional.•    Did the seller have the car inspected by their mechanic/Dealersh...
With all the bad news hitting the media about the softening real estate market, the sub-prime mortgage debacle/crisis, foreclosures hitting an all time high, and then just this past week the whole Bear Sterns mess, it was uplifting to read about something positive.   Positive?  Yes positive.  The...
I see that many of you add funny cartoon images and photos on your blogs.  Just curious on where you find those images and if you had to ask permission, or if there is a site that allows you to just copy images and use them? I was recently talking to my web designer and she had said that you have...
Yesterday, while sitting on Floor Duty, the phone rang.  As I answered it the voice on the other line sounded very familiar.   He was looking for a property we had listed in our office and naturally wanted more information about it, including price.  The person on the other line happened to be so...
When I first started thinking about creating my own business or expanding my business skills my husband told me,  “Jessica, you have to think outside of Humboldt County.”  Well the funny thing is, our guest speaker, world acclaimed entrepreneur and business columnist, Rhonda Abrams spoke to an au...
As a fairly new active rain member I constantly have to remind myself that Active Rain is an incredibly powerful resource and tool.  And if I have a question about how to do something, whether it be link to another Active Rain member’s blog, improve my SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how to app...
  I have to admit, I’m a big fan of Jennifer’s soulful selling philosophy and her open checkbook policy, as well as going above and beyond to do the right thing for your client whether it’s your responsibility or not (within reason of course).  I represented a landowner who wanted to sell his ran...

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