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  Recently, the Daily Beast ranked America's smartest and dummest cities.  I'm not so prowd to anounce that Orlando did not fare real good.  Seems we rank down at the bottum of the list.  Heres' a link to the artikle.
  As a homeowner, you probably are under the impression that auctions are only available for foreclosures and bank owned properties.  Maybe you're one of those "out of the box" thinkers and went so far as to call a few auctioneers about selling your home.  You probably hung up pretty quickly thou...
I just read the first chapter of AR's own Stefan Swanepoel's book, "Surviving Your Serengeti" available at  Seems like it will be a good read.  Weaving an adventure and an education together seamlessly is a great way to learn life's lessons.  It's an unusual approach in the "self-hel...
  I went to an open house yesterday for an REO listing by an agent who's thinking about utilizing our system to auction their listings.  It immediately made me think of Greg Nino's post from the other day.  People want to point out all the negatives in a property in an attempt at negotiating dow...
    It looks like our dear friend Fannie Mae will be passing on to the great secondary mortgage market in the sky, along with her younger brother, Freddie Mac.  The Obama administration will be issuing a much anticipated "white paper" outlining some options for the government's role going forward...
  The Orlando Sentinel published a sob story today about a poor unsuspecting couple who got in over their heads by buying a foreclosure property in an online courthouse foreclosure auction.,0,5898308.story ...
 Have you seen the Chevy Traverse commercial?  It has this really cool background music with the lyrics "It's raining... it's pouring...but I ain't complanin'... 'cause I love the rain."  Great nostalgic sound to it.  It's by a band called Real Tuesday Weld.   I'm thinking we should adopt it as ...
There are a lot of myths out there concerning real estate auctions.  Many believe you must be a licensed Auctioneer in order to hold an online auction.  In 47 states, you do not need an auctioneer's license to hold an online auction of your listing(s).  As long as the property is listed for sale...
Earlier today, I was pulling into a parking spot at the the grocery store and noticed two carts in the dead center of the empty parking spot next to mine.  An older gentleman was pulling in to that spot as I got out of my car.  I could see the frustration in his eyes.  I walked around my car, an...
Not a day goes by without something reminding me of a Seinfeld episode.  What a great brand they built with that show.  Dozens of "Seinfeldisms" have made their way into our daily conversations:  "Yada Yada Yada", "Not that there's anything wrong with that", "Double-dip"  come to mind.  How can w...

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