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... that IS the question many real estate agents are asking themselves lately.  Are open houses effective?  Some agents say no, others say yes... many more are just not sure at all!  It's my opinion that open houses are as effective as YOU want them to be, and there's a few ways to increase traff...
Or You'll Be Red!There used to be a time when a nod and a handshake could seal a deal when buying and selling real estate.  Those times are long since past.  Nowadays, a contract absolutely must be in writing to be enforceable!  That goes almost without saying when it's a buyer making an offer to...
We're busy.  We're Realtors.  So we abbreviate.  It's a fantastic time saver and it gets the point across without boring people to death with long, flowery commentary on each individual room  Almost everyone who searches for homes online these days can tell you what 3 BR/2 BA is... but who is Dr....
No matter how many times I give a listing presentation, I find that I have three chronic issues.  First, I talk too fast.  Officially, I live in the South, but I was born north of the Mason-Dixon... and it shows.  Second, when I talk too fast, I stutter or stumble over my words, and I end up soun...
I had a full day of showings scheduled, and we had just pulled up to what I believed to be a very promising home.  My clients and I got out of the car and walked around the perimeter of the house first.  (The yard was an important feature to them.)  Just as we stepped up to the front porch, we he...


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