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Is your bedroom a reflection of your mind? Or is a clustered messy room a clear indication that I am messy? I am bringing this up because as I am decluttering my life, I realize that my bedroom has always been a mess. Even when Mom would come into my room and “tidy up” (young me 😀), it would only...
I have been told to stop! In my mom's voice " your personal life should be personal and not for the world" haha. I always blog about my personal life, from marital issues to our exciting times e.g. Anniversaries, traveling, new endeavors etc. I love my blog as a creative outlet and it is catharti...
Do you have a hobby? No, not that kind of hobby😀. I'm talking about something you do for fun, to take your mind off of things, to relax. Maybe you knit, play golf, or go hiking. Well, I have a hobby: blogging (still working on improving my writing). And I love it! It's a great way to stay connect...
As a married woman, 15 years and counting, I will say communication in marriages can be hard.Keeping the romance alive is a must! Keeping the spark going is a must! With busy schedules, family and friends, it can be hard to keep that intimacy between a husband and wife.How often do you speak to y...

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