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                              Philadelphia is a great city to live in! We have world class restaurants, incredible shopping, tons of history and museums to take in sights, real people with real opinions, AWESOME Sports Teams and venues, and the list goes on and on and.....  Unfortunately, we have...
Are you GREEN? In Philadelphia, that usually refers to the typical fan following the Eagles. But in modern real estate terms, that means only one thing - Are You Environmentally conscious? There are many benefits to living a GREEN lifestyle! Saving is the key word. Saving the earth! Saving money...
Old City, Home of Both History and Revelry Spanning from Front to Sixth Streets east to west and bounded by Vine and Walnut Streets north to south, Olde City is quite the paradox. Tourists and families enjoy the historic side of Olde City, as it is the area where the Quakers and William Penn firs...
          YOU THINK THAT's ANNOYING?       If you have read some of my other posts, you will know I am a big fan of Facebook. And I may even be guilty of an annoying facebook post from time to time. But some agents go above and beyond to really annoy the Facebook community. So this blog is dedica...
STARBUCKS is no longer .... STARBUCKS? In case you haven't heard yet, Starbucks' brilliant marketing department (really, they are brilliant as they redefined how we think coffee) decided to change their logo for their 40 year anniversary. I found this out roughly 6 hours ago when one of my agents...
YES, you heard it! The internet is undergoing some changes. To be more specific, the way we communicate on the internet is changing. In fact, it already has! E-mail is as obsolete as the Pony Express. So what is all of this talk about a FACELIFT? FACEBOOK is launching a messaging service that wil...

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