We had a good May considering the first part of the year with several new properties in the Waterway 2 Section of the Commons of Lake Houston being purchased.  Folks are starting to get out more and are begining to dream again of owning a custom home on a beautiful acreage home site at the Common...
 The Goal Achievment Blueprint   A very effective expression of the most important goal setting guidelines is that you should set SMART goals. What the SMART goal setting guidelines actually mean is that your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Rewarding, and Timely. With a SPECIFIC...
Reluctant Buyer's Lament   I hesitate to make a list Of all the countless deals I've missed; Bonanzas that were in my grip --- I watched them through my fingers slip; The windfalls which I should have bought Were lost because I over thought; I thought of this, I thought of that, I could have swor...
Check out this non-biased publication on the top 15 real estate markets!   Also visit: We have a great Realtor Program where we pay 5% just for the referral!  Call me t...
Are you thinking of buying a lot or some land to build your dream house on? Even though it looks like it should be a pretty easy transaction, there are things that you should consider before you go out and buy property. You may have found that perfect location, but these tips will help you make s...
Texas is still one of the strongest markets in the country.  Sure there has been a little downturn in real estate sales but nothing like we saw during the S&L Crunch or the Oil Bust of the late 70's.  We are a diversified market with diversified sellers and buyers.  Now is actually the best time ...

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Survival is the name of the game today. In the current real estate market, we need to stick to the basics but also think outside the box. That is what will determine who makes it and who does not. Networking, customer service, referrals, and hard work will determine your existence in the future in this profession we call The Real Estate Industry.