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I had a contractor put a chimney cap on my chimney today.  As usual, I am disappointed with the workmanship.  My chimney is one of those ‘wooden box' type chimneys that has the metal chimney pipe coming up the middle.  The chimney is about 3' x  6' feet.  The previous cap was flat, that is bad.  ...
Does anyone besides me think that shaving products and shaving advertising has risen to the level of idiotic in this country?  Now that football season is here and of course sports advertising in general, I am noticing the Gillette and Schick commercials all over the place.  Make no mistake about...
Lots of comments on the blogs about AR selling out.  MAYBE WE SHOULD CONSIDER BUYING AR !  All those comments about what we think and how we feel probably do not count for anything.  MONEY TALKS.  My action post is about Buying AR.  Lets consider it.  WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING, . . .  OR 'MOVE' ON....
ITS A BLOG FOLKS, IT IS NOT A NOVEL !!   Why would anyone even consider 'Blog Training' or for that matter any requirements to get on this website?  First and foremost, ITS A BLOG FOLKS, IT IS NOT A NOVEL !!  No Pulitzer's Prizes are going to be awarded around here.  The beauty of the blog is, it...
WHO WANTS TO BUY ACTIVE RAIN ? !    I DO ! !    AND YOU SHOULD TOO ! !When I first got here a month ago there was some discussion about how the Site Builders could monetize the site.  What kind of ads should they sell?  What annual subscription fee should they charge?  Well, if I understand the m...

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