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Home Inspection tips specific to North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Gibsons and Sunshine Coast.
Too often, life-safety and asset protection systems are ignored in a real estate transaction. Usually they are not mentioned in a disclosure statement, no service records or system inspection reports of fire sprinklers, heat or smoke detectors. An EKAN Home Inspection looks for this info and make...
For a long time, I've been a firm believer that roof coverings of asphalt, fibreglass, synthetic membranes and roll material are a enormous waste of prime real estate and resources as they are not solar photo-voltaic, power generating, fabric. Finally Tesla has announced that the first commercial...
A return client asked me to accompany him on a lot inspection. He's considering constructing a new family home and wanted a second opinion on his lot selection. As a no-charge service I accompanied him to have a look. The area was a new sub-division on a hill. Here's the investigation process I w...
Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense. Gertrude Stein You too can be a home inspector. First look for strange, then ask the follow-up question of yourself. Take for example a house with 4 x 8 particle or chip board panels being used for exterior sheathi...
As a kid I remember the pre-deluvial Jack Benny TV show where the lead character was a violin playing scrooge who always claimed to be 39, season after season. In a similar context, I've seen some agents list the age of a renovated home as the effective year of the reno. This is poor practice and...
One of the most difficult aspects of the home inspection business is to provide post-report consultation or advice to clients. The scope of work limits the inspection to problem identification, consequences and recommendations.Let's use an example. Recently a client called back to discuss what to...
Here's a 120 Volt receptacle with a 240 Volt supply behind the faceplate. I would not have spotted this as it was in the garage behind an appliance. The owner had stated that they had plugged in the garage fridge and burned out the motor. No wonder. At some time in the past the outlet was used fo...
Under British Columbia's new home warranty program, the building envelope is insured for 5 years against water penetration and damage to the interior components or finishes. Here's a roof photo from a recently constructed house. You can see a vertical ridge going up the laminate shingles.In a wor...
This frozen landscape offers a tantalizing hint of good things to come.
Last week at a home inspection in West Vancouver, a leak was encountered in the municipal water supply somewhere between the roadside meter and the shut-off valve in the house. Due to our recent cold snap and the associated freeze-thaw cycle, it's not surprising to find damage to water lines. In ...


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