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Just Announced Panera Bread coming to the Town Center.  Also just recently is At&T and Sakura Japanese already in the Town Center. I have never tried Sakua but I want to.  My wife is looking forward to Panera Bread.
  January 31, 2009 When to Hire a Pro to prune Trees   I think the most important item for yard care is to prune your trees annually for many reason. I think branches or tree can cause injury to people and structures.   House threats: Wood density varies, but as a guide assume a cubic foot weighs...
How to find a good refrigerator   Now a day spending $1500 or even $500 can be a little scary, especially if you don’t know much about refrigerators.  Another thing my dad found which I love is the refrigerator is on the top and the freeze on the bottom. It did cost $50 or $100 more but it was wo...
How can you save money now a day on cooling?   One of the most important things you can do is to replace an old air conditioner unit with a new one.  Replacing a 15 year old unit with a new higher efficiency unit will save you about 20%.   How to stretch your unit’s life   Central air system: Aut...
Browsers  Everyone asks me which browser should I use for internet.  I thought I had to use the one the DSL company gave me.  That is not true at all.  I like Mozilla Firefox the best.   1. Less hassle to use/easy to use 2.Tabs, you can controll multiple windows. 3. You can edit the top toolbars...
La Canada Caravan On Caravan today I walked in a home today and was shocked how it showed.  It was dark and gloomy.  I wanted to get out of that house as quick as possible.  When I talked to the agent, she had no idea want I was talking about.  I told open some blinds, get some sunlight in the ho...
La Crescenta and Montrose Market Update January 27, 2009 Everyone is asking me "hows the market" There are 4 new listing in the last 7 days in La Crescenta and Montrose area. Only 1 home sold in the last 7 days.   This year 9 homes sold.  So homes are Selling in the area.  People are still gettin...
La Canada Market Update Januruary 27, 2009 Today we had the best carvan Ive seen for a long time. 2 great home above 3 million came on the market.  The last 7 days 5 new properties came on the market.  I think in a month or two the market will have more homes on the market.  So we will have more ...
  Deals How many of you love getting a great deal on things you buy.  People around the united states find deals and then post them on these websites.  It has every kind of deal clothes, GPS, TVs, Computers, coupons and much more.   Woot has one item f...
Here are the recently Solds in La Crescenta. La Crescenta November 27, 2008 –January 19, 2009 Address                         Bdr/Bath              DOM      Sq. Ft.  Price           Closed 3117 Montrose Ave.                2 Bed, 1 Bath               44                    970      $374,000       ...

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