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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks



          What it means: “An exclamation uttered when nothing else will fit… often used when stunned or dismayed.” from the Urban Dictionary As I was growing up, I heard “Lord of a Duck!” often from my Mother and sometimes my Grandfather. I always knew that it indicated some sort of stress/distre...
  Fewer professions than most people realize even have an Official Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Many folks confuse the notion of “Professional” to mean that there are ethical guidelines. In many professions this doesn’t hold water. Attorneys have The Attorneys‘ Code of Ethics and The...
  Specialization  is the key to success in this new and improved business environment. It’s no longer all about how diverse your talents, skills, products, service areas are . . . It’s now more about the QUALITY and EFFICIENCY of your delivery. The consumers and clients of today demand NOTHING bu...
Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! We’re only a few days from the arrival of a new year, and the anticipation is HUGE. What’s 2012 got for us? This is the day after Christmas, and we pulled out all the stops here at the Owen House. We had our traditional “Christmas Eve Rib Feast” . . . Tracked San...
  Many folks have a tendency to “take whatever comes their way” when times are tough. “Beggars can’t be choosers” is the justification. That’s a cop-out . . . Selling yourself short with the implication that power of CHOICE can be taken away. It can’t! You ALWAYS have choice. Reacting to market s...
  Middle Tennessee Residential Property Management Consortium You’re invited – Wednesday January 4, 2011 @ 10 AM Location TBD based on number of RSVPs What it’s about: I think it can be argued that what’s here in the way of a “Market” has always been here. What changes over time is the “Products ...
  As of this writing, there are 5 1/2 shopping days left til Christmas 2011. Just in case you haven’t bought a gift for me yet, I thought I would send you a wish list: I want MORE: Quality time with Family & Friends VACATIONS (Self explanatory) Fresh air Love Exercise Healthy food Happiness for E...
  Hillsboro Road in Green Hills is @ 2 Mile stretch of road that is quickly becoming legendary in Nashville as being “The Gauntlet” when it comes to traffic. The reason is simple . . . 5 lanes (2 travel lanes each direction + Turn Lane) and (if I’m counting correctly) 9 Traffic Signals (Stop Ligh...
  When’s the last time you felt slightly scorched around the edges and on the verge of melt-down (Burn-out)? Given the time of year . . . odds are good, you’ve been there a few times very recently as you juggle all of these balls of keeping your business pursuits moving forward while adding all o...
  So “They” say that you’ve gotta pay your dues before you can taste the fruit. What IS paying dues? Is it an unpleasant thing that we must do? Really? We must slog through nasty misery for a period of time before we can enjoy any level of success or enjoyment? The world “Hazes” us to test our co...

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Stream of consciousness commentary on the real estate industry from the perspective of a Principal Real Estate Broker and Founder of Pareto REalty, LLC in Middlle Tennessee - Also a Career Development Coach with vast Organizational Development/Transformation training and experience - in the industry since 1993